Using Technology for Boosting Hotel Staff Productivity

Technology plays a big role in many industries at present. The hotel industry is no exemption to this. Hoteliers always look for ways to incorporate technology in their establishments. Most of these innovations create a one-of-a-kind hotel experience for the guests.

But, there is another group of people that can get benefits from the use of technology in hotels. Employees are the ones who work behind the scenes for hotels to have a smooth operation. But, sometimes they still take the weight of manual labor. This results in burnout or a quick turnover. Here are ways how technology can make hotel employees more engaged with their work.

Ensure Safety

There is a disparity when people say that the customer is always right. This is not always the case because there are people who abuse this belief. There are instances that employees must gain protection from unjust treatment from clients.

Housekeeping staff from hotels report instances of physical or sexual advances from guests. Even with such reports, the acts are already done, or they have no enough pieces of evidence to prove it. Having panic buttons for commercial use can help solve these problems. Housekeeping staff can carry these devices with them as they finish their tasks. With only a click, they can notify if there is something amiss. This technology can help locate them in real-time and take appropriate action. When an employee feels safe, they are happy to do their work.

Panic buttons can also help employees get help when a hotel guest is in medical distress. These instances may happen in the spa, restaurant, or golf course. The use of panic buttons can help hotel staff to respond with confidence. They know that help is near.

Reduce Redundancy

The front desk staff of a hotel comes in contact with many guests in a day. Some hotels still use manual spreadsheets or less sophisticated ones to record bookings. With these items, welcoming guests and confirming bookings can be redundant. It also takes too much time both for the staff and the guests.

There are many technological innovations in booking and welcoming guests. People now can have online bookings where they can supply pertinent details. The hotel can also invest in a system where the hotel can note guests’ preferences. These may include the number of pillows or the right temperature of the room. This innovation can help the staff provide a personalized experience to the guests. Returning guests of the hotel have their preferences stored in the system. Thus, they would feel like they are at home.

Mobile room keys are also helpful both for staff and guests. The front desk staff does not need to locate the right key number to give the guests. The client does not have to think of a physical item to always hold on to whenever they go out of their rooms. With the right technology, staff can lessen redundant work. They can focus more on giving superior service.

Improve Communication


Some requests from guests pass through the front desk office. It could be about housekeeping or maintenance. Sometimes, it is hard to communicate these needs in the bustle of things happening at the front desk. The person manning the front desk has to run around or ask somebody to get in touch with the right person. This process takes so much time and affects the promptness.

With an advanced system, all these requests get coordinated in real-time. The right department will receive the notification, they can do their work, and mark it as done. Guests would not have to wait long or be disappointed with the hotel’s services.

Lessen Errors and Efforts

The hotel employee doing the night audit can attest that it needs accuracy. As the name suggests, this process is best done late at night to capture all pertinent details for the day. With manual operations, this process is prone to errors and takes great effort for the one doing it.

With automated systems, night audits do not need to be burdensome. A few clicks will give you some comprehensive reports. They cover many of the hotel’s operations for the day such as room reconciliation and revenues for the day. With this information at hand, the hotel can start a new day with seamless customer service.

Hotel staff is one of the establishment’s greatest assets. As such, a hotelier must ensure to do their best to make the work of their staff easier and more efficient. Getting the right devices, software, and applications will make this goal possible.

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