Digital Asset Management 101 Learning the Basics

Digital asset management, or DAM, means the storage and organization of digital media and documents. This video highlights how brands can improve efficiencies with the right tools for DAM. Any company involved in digital asset creation can benefit from learning DAM basics.

Challenges in DAM include storing assets in a way that makes them easy to retrieve, resize, reformat, and reuse.

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A single image or piece of content should be repurposed across multiple channels. Recreating it again and again takes time and stops creative employees from using their skills.

Investing in a digital asset management system gives companies a library of assets that are easy to access. These assets can be grouped into types, campaigns, or styles. This makes it easy to keep everything on brand and quickly check what assets are available for use across various online platforms.

The ability to instantly view and access digital content helps scale up marketing campaigns. It can help brands expand into adjacent markets. There’s also the opportunity to create more content and try our new ideas with the time gained from better organization.

As much as $300 billion gets spent every year on repeat digital asset creation. DAM could be the key to cutting costs and growing a business. Every brand can benefit from improving the way it manages all its digital content.

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Digital Asset Management 101 Learning the Basics
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