Tech Innovations That Are Redefining How Businesses Run

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Necessity is the mother of invention. From car radios to fluorescent lamps, many great inventions were born in a time of crisis. No wonder technological innovations sprung up like mushrooms in the past year. As the world confronts economic and social disruption due to the pandemic, men were introduced to an explosion of technological advancements.

In the business world, especially, high-tech devices are taking on the spotlight. With social distancing implemented and movements restricted, companies rely on technology to go on with their day-to-day operations. Below is a roundup of the top tech innovations that are redefining how businesses run in a time of pandemic and beyond.

1. Social distancing technology

Social distancing is probably the most important health protocol to date. Yet, it is also the biggest hassle for individuals and companies alike. Many businesses are especially struggling to try to maintain a six feet distance among their workers during operations. This shared problem among companies resulted in the rise of social distancing technology.

As the name implies, the term refers to technological devices designed to help people maintain social distancing as they go on with their normal activities. These devices come with sensors and inform people in case they happen to detect the presence of other people less than 6 feet away.

To date, there are numerous forms of social distancing technology. Businesses are taking advantage of them to continue operations and keep their employees safe. Wearable social distancing devices, which can be worn around the wrist or clipped to a shirt, are especially preferred. They don’t take up much space and don’t hinder workers’ movements.

2. Mobile applications for business management

Mobile applications have been enjoying popularity, even pre-pandemic. Now, the COVID-19 outbreak further pushed them into the front line. Specifically, the convenience and portability that come with mobile applications made them the ideal tech tool for remote work.

Now that everyone is expected to work in isolation, applications become the easiest entertainment and guidance source. Before, mobile applications were more geared toward customer service. Now, they’ve taken up various functions.

From productivity to internal communication, many benefits are linked to mobile apps for businesses. Online meeting platform apps are especially on demand. Some businesses also make use of contact tracing applications. Others invest in real-time remote asset monitoring and maintenance software.

3. Robot workforce

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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in labor shortage and disruptions in the supply chain. As the number of cases surges, more and more workers are at risk of contracting the virus. Since anyone is vulnerable to the threat of COVID-19, many businesses are now investing in robots.

From harvesting crops to delivering products, robots are getting nearly every possible job done. They are efficient, easy to maintain, and immune to any illness. They are perfect for businesses engaged in the manufacturing and transporting industries.

Some companies embrace full robotic automation of their workforce. Others simply add robotic technology to make their daily operations more manageable. In the latter case, some companies opt to simply get robots designed to enforce social distancing. With such technology, human employees can go on with their tasks while the robot monitors and alert them in case they’re breaking the 6-feet social distance from one another.

5. Face scan devices

The coronavirus spreads from person to person. Generally, it can be transmitted in various ways. One of which is when an infected person coughs or sneezes. When such happens, small liquid droplets containing the virus are thrown out in the air. Once inhaled or come into contact with the eyes or mouth, a person becomes infected with COVID-19.

This explains why wearing a mask is very important. In the workplace, especially, workers are expected to keep their face masks to avoid the risk of getting infected and/or spreading the disease. To ensure that employees will abide by such rules, businesses are investing in smart face scan technology that detects whether a person is wearing a mask or not.

Such high-tech devices are often placed in the main doors of offices. They won’t let a person in except if they confirm that they are wearing a face mask. Some even come with automatic temperature checks. These features secure a safe and healthy workplace for companies of all sectors.

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted unprecedented challenges to all industries. Brick-and-mortar retailers struggled with constant shutdowns. Restaurants were forced to go outdoors. Banks were confronted with a limited workforce. The list goes on. As reality becomes harsher, businesses find their way deeper into the technological realm.

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