A Marriage of Convenience: the Importance of Technology in Saving Small Businesses

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We were reeling from the devastation brought by the pandemic. We were not only left to deal with the death of over four million people. But we must manage the financial loss caused by the lockdowns. The government had to intervene to prevent a complete economic collapse.

Other than the tourism industry, small businesses suffered a massive loss. The government is worried because almost these entities employ approximately 50% of the US labor force. But with the vaccination roll-out in full swing and the easing of the travel restrictions, we might be able to pull it off.

The process of rebuilding will be challenging. But it is feasible. With the help of digital marketing, you can be on your feet in no time. Let us discover how.


In the past, entrepreneurs relied on one-way flow to boost their sales. Companies would offer their products at a determined price. These goods should be in a place where customers can access them. Lastly, the companies should promote these commodities.

The 4Ps do not allow the consumers to give their feedback. But the modern marketing mix empowers consumers to do that. You, as an entrepreneur, should exploit this. Use this information to improve your product or service.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that social media is purely for marketing. You can conveniently gather feedback from social media. Learn as much as you can about your service or your product. You might want to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the public’s general impression of my store?
  • Do they like the products?
  • What can they say about the customer service?

Once you have the answers, you can use them to recreate your product. Or perhaps, you can use the information to invest in customer service training for your team. This knowledge will help you create the solution that the consumer is looking for.

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Entrepreneurs understand the importance of efficiency and timeliness. But as a veteran and now an owner of an SDVOSB, you know that falling short has a real-world impact like injuries and even death. With this mindset, you recognize the importance of tools.

It will not only help you redesign your product and improve your customer service. But it also lessens employee frustration. The right tools empower your team to do their best.

For example, you received several orders from different customers. You can go old school and use Microsoft Excel. This tool can help you track down your customers. But it will take time for you to find the customer, especially if there is no database.

If you use CRM, you can easily find customer information. It will make you and your team more efficient. It will also build a solid base for your company’s future expansion. You have an updated database that can help other branches serve out-of-state customers. Thus, it will attract patrons.


Of course, you can use social media to attract more customers. But sometimes, relying on it is not enough. Hiring an SEO company is a prudent move. They can do more than just creating a social media account for your company. But why ask for their help when you can do it yourself?

You will need their help in attracting both corporate clients and pedestrian customers. Merely creating a social media account will probably attract the latter. It is not even guaranteed. Their most probable first step is to create a professional-looking website.

You might be wondering what the importance of an SEO company is when you can do the job yourself. You might be saving money if you do it yourself. The creation of the website is not their only goal. Their main objective is to get traffic to your website. This traffic will eventually turn into paying customers.

Once they have created the website, they will upload blogs and service pages to the website. Doing this will increase your company’s online visibility.

Let us say that another small business was looking for a caterer. Google will turn up with several answers. If you were the one who created the website, it might not be part of the first ten thousand results. With the help of an SEO company, your website can be part of the first hundred.

They still have other things to do. They would link your website to your social media account. Thus, it will further boost your online visibility. It is wise to continue patronizing their services because they can maintain your online visibility.

The pandemic shattered so many lives. It brought down the tourism industry and caused the global economy to shrink. Its impact can be felt for years to come. But these tips can help you lessen the effects of Covid-19.

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