Innovative Tech Tools and Products for Pest Control


Pests are not just annoying or a nuisance; many of them pose a lot of potentially harmful health problems if neglected. If your home or business is in an area that’s prone to various types of pests, here are the latest tech tools and products for pest control that you can explore.

Mosquito traps

From more than 16 years of thorough academic research into how mosquitoes behave, Biogents mosquito trap is a suction trap that primarily targets tiger mosquitoes known for their ability to transmit illnesses Dengue Chikungunya, and Zika. The suction trap was developed to decrease biting pressure, and when used with CO2, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that can trap floodwater and house mosquitoes.

There is also an indoor trap version, which catches and traps mosquitoes that enter your home. On the other hand, the passive trap type was developed to greatly decrease tiger mosquitoes’ ability to reproduce. If you are tired of the mosquitoes in your home or your place of work, consider investing in these tools to protect you and your family from the diseases that these pesky bugs can bring.

Green products


Due to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) clarion call to choose materials and products that won’t affect the environment, there has been a rise in second-generation green products that were developed to have greater efficacy without sacrificing clean ingredients. They also have much fewer downsides. For comparison, more traditional insecticides may claim to contain plant essential oils in their ingredients. Still, they will often have an unpleasant smell that may cause temporary side effects like a headache. Second-generation green products were specifically developed to be effective. They have natural ingredients that are not harmful to the planet or human beings but still do their job keeping pests away.

Birth control for rodents

Rodents are known for reproducing exponentially and for a short period. This is why researchers and pest management experts had to come up with ways to stop them from reproducing, in the same way that pest birds like pigeons have been given birth control for the longest time. Rodent fertility and birth control will be incredibly useful in homes where farming and gardening are a main source of living, and in older houses and structures where pests tend to multiply. It’s also a humane way of controlling how mice and rats reproduce without causing harm to animals that are non-targets.

The internet of things (IoT)


Since the internet of things (IoT) has been widespread in homes and offices all over the world, it’s no surprise that it also found its way into the pest control industry. The IoT is simply the interconnection of machines, tools, and devices through the internet. There are now devices and traps in the market that allow users to monitor insects and other types of pests in their homes.

Having this ability to monitor will provide users with the information they need to eradicate the pest problem—like the extent of the infestation and the level of damage the pests have caused to the property. If there is an animal suddenly ruining your garden throughout the night, using the IoT to constantly monitor them in the evening might be able to help you deal with the problem once and for all.

Thermal imaging

Speaking of monitoring pests in the dark, thermal imaging is no longer confined to the four corners of airports—they can be used to track pests and wild animals now, too. This tool works by detecting and picking up sources of heat, and it helps users know when there are pests hidden behind walls or other opaque surfaces.

Drone technology

No longer exclusive to taking videos and pictures, drone technology is now used for various day-to-day operations, like pest control. Just like thermal imaging, drones can now be used to check hard-to-reach areas for pest infestation, like termites on the roof. Employing these drones greatly reduces homeowners’ risk factors of being exposed to these pests, saves a lot of time, and paves the way for pest control experts to develop and strategize for an effective extermination plan.

Whichever way you decide to get rid of the pests in your home or place of work, make sure to explore all of your options. Some of these tools may be state-of-the-art, but they won’t necessarily break the bank. Give you and your family your best chance at being safe and healthy, and do away with these pests once and for all. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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