Can Students Really Learn Through Online Learning?

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Learning is the key to achieve your dreams. It is a lifelong process for individuals to gain knowledge that would help in so many things. No matter what age, learning will never stop. It is crucial, especially to those who are goal and career-oriented, and most of them are students.

However, some circumstances cause learning to be complicated. One of which is what we experience now, the pandemic. The global pandemic forced many countries to implement lockdowns and social distancing, which also affected learning. The government is also forced to implement online education or online classes. Some are in favor of the new method, but some are not.

In this article, we are going to drop down the advantages and disadvantages of online learning.

The Advantages of Online Learning/Classes

It is Convenient

Convenience is apparently one of the top advantages of online classes or online learning. Especially when you live far away from your school, you won’t need to wake up early to get ready or miss the first trip. You won’t experience falling asleep during your commute. 

And now you won’t get to feel the tiredness and headache from a long day of school while traveling home. Now with online learning, you have the chance to learn from the comfortable place of your room. 

You can search online for some lessons you didn’t understand in the class. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer, and you are good to go.

It is flexible

There are some cases where you get to choose the best time for your class or to study. Flexibility is an advantage, especially for those who are planning on having a part-time job. You have a lot of options online. Online learning enables you to achieve your goals in a way that fits your time and schedule.

It is more affordable

One factor that affects our learning is financial. With online classes, you won’t need to look and pay rent for a dormitory or a room near your school. You won’t spend your allowance on bus fares or costly foods from the cafeteria. In short, it means students can have cost-effective classes with online learning.

They only need to have a mobile device or a tablet where they can install Android applications needed for their learning. 

Students can interact more

Some believe that studying in person and the physical setting is the most effective method to interact. But it is not always the case. With online classes, no one sits at the back. Every student is facing the camera and shows up on the same screen. 

And there are always some students who are afraid to ask questions in front of the whole class. But with online courses, they can initiate a private chat with their professors.

There are more learning opportunities

Ever thought of learning a new language? Or learn how to code with a new computer language? Or does your school not offer your dream course? With online classes, there is no limit to learning opportunities. Students have the option of learning at any time.


The Disadvantages of Online Learning/Classes

It can cause a sense of isolation

  While some students prefer studying alone or independently, others find learning with an acquaintance or their classmates more effective. They like that they can efficiently run to their professors to ask questions rather than wait for their replies. 

And that is why some platforms are trying to create an Online virtual classroom that recreates the feeling of a community in virtual space. They use tools that encourage students to participate in live classes or sessions.

It requires self-discipline

Virtual classes affect the accountability of students. Some might think that they are just studying from home, so they don’t need to exert much effort. 

Having that kind of mentality could lead to negative results. Students must improve their self-discipline, especially by using their gadgets. They might be distracted to play games while they off their cameras in an online class.

It requires more training for professors and instructors

Professors must exert extra effort to create a successful course online. They must know different techniques for approaching their students, or they might replicate the physical environment of old classes. In which, they might miss some advantages offered by tools of online and blended learning.

More technical issues

The most common problem of online learning is technical issues. Connection problems cause a lot of students to miss the lessons taught by their professors. And the worst-case scenario is if the professor suffers connection issues. And then there are audio and video problems. Nothing is more annoying than stuttering audio or robotic voice, and you can’t understand what they say.

More screen-time

More screen time means more time in front of radiation. Excessive time in front of screens can lead to more physical illnesses such as poor eyesight and improper posture. Students are also more prone to headaches. That’s why it is advisable to wear anti-radiation glasses.

While there are some advantages, there will always be drawbacks to online schooling. But as technology continues to advance, we can only hope that the benefits will finally drown out the weaknesses of online learning as soon as possible. 

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