9 Amazing Gadgets That Are Helping People With Hearing

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The invention of devices that help people with hearing is not modern. However, there are still many technology gadgets on the market that can make life easier for people who struggle with hearing.

Here are nine amazing gadgets that are helping people with their hearing.

Older man or pensioner with a hearing problem make a hearing test and may need a hearing aid, in the foreground is a model of a human ear

1. Hearing Aids

These might be one of the oldest devices on the market (they premiered in 1885), but they have come a long way since then! There are now so many types of hearing aids on the market, available to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

The more basic forms of aid will simply amplify sounds, so you don’t miss any words during conversations or TV shows, but there are also some on the market that will work even better by being able to filter out certain sounds.

2. Phone Headsets

Even though we might think that they’re a bit of an old-school gadget, phone headsets can actually be extremely helpful if you do suffer from hearing and need to talk on the phone often (which is pretty much all of us these days).

It means people with hearing loss will be able to hear the person on the other end perfectly due to the headset being close to their ear as opposed to having it far away in their hand, which makes it harder for them to hear.

3. Bluetooth Amplifiers

These devices allow you to use your Bluetooth headphones and amplify any sounds around you so that you won’t miss anything!

This is very useful when walking around in the street or in busy areas where loud sounds might affect your ability to listen.

4. Flash Alarms

These types of alarms are very common for people with hearing loss who have a hard time waking up due to being deafened by their own snooze buttons.

If you’re not a morning person and need some help to get out of bed, then these can be very helpful! They work by flashing bright lights every few seconds, so no matter how good your snooze button is, you won’t miss this one!

5. Subtitles

This type of technology is especially useful when watching TV shows and movies as it allows subtitles to appear on screen so you can read what they’re saying if you’re having trouble hearing it.

This is great for people who are deafened by background sounds or mumble in shows.

6. Software Assistance

Even though there are many other types of hardware available for people with hearing loss, you can always opt for software assistance instead.

There are many software programs for the deaf and hard of hearing for your computer or phone that will help transcribe sounds into words that those with hearing loss can read.

7. Google Glasses

These types of glasses are pretty much still a prototype, but it’s amazing that they’re being worked on and could eventually become available to everyone. They work by helping people with hearing loss by sending sound waves from the device to the brain directly, allowing them to listen to what other people can.

This might be a while off from coming out because it’s still in the testing stages, but if you know anyone suffering from hearing loss, then make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back and show it to them when it comes out!

8. Video Relay Service (VRS)

This type of service is more often used by deaf or hard-of-hearing people who are fluent in sign language.

It allows them to communicate with someone who can hear through a specially trained sign language interpreter who will relay the message to the person they’re talking to.

Receiving calls on your mobile phone while you’re surrounded by loud sounds, like at work or on the street, can be difficult if you have hearing loss because it might make it harder for you to hear what’s being said. This is why this type of service is very useful!

8. Assistive Listening Devices

This type of technology is especially helpful in very noisy places, like sporting events and conferences, where people with hearing loss might have a hard time communicating because it’s so loud around them.

They also help aid the impact of sound on those who are deafened by background noises such as mumbling from other people.

There are many types of technology gadgets on the market that can make life easier for people who struggle with hearing. Here are nine amazing gadgets that are helping people with their hearing. Whether you’re in need of a phone headset, Bluetooth amplifier, or flash alarm, there is definitely a gadget out there to help improve your quality of life. If you know someone who suffers from hearing loss, be sure to share this article with them!

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