Dental Reassurance: How to Assure Dental Patients During the Pandemic

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The pandemic has seen many industries adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of the world. One of these is the dental industry. A recent study has shown that the dental industry received a massive blow during the start of quarantines last year. It’s been reported that dental services fell by a massive 75% during March 2020 and continued to decline even after restrictions have been eased. Among all the dentists that reopened their clinics in August 2020, only half have reported that they were getting the same amount of clients as before.

The main issue for this is that dentistry is a medical profession that requires a lot of contact. Clinics have many clients visiting them daily, and many of these clients fear that they may be infected by the virus from visiting these clinics. However, many clinics have followed the COVID-19 safety protocol. Many clients are either unaware of this or don’t feel reassured by the situation. Being able to reach out and reassure these clients is essential for your dental clinic to survive. Here are some ways you can reassure your clients that your clinic is safe from the virus.


Whether it be for news or for entertainment, everybody is on the internet this pandemic. This includes your clients who are waiting for the green light that your clinic is safe from the virus.

Not everyone is not getting the reassurance they need. It’s either that or they are not receiving any information at all. Uploading banners or pictures on your social media sites reassuring that your clinic follows COVID-19 safety protocols is one way to get this information out. It is also one way to reconnect to your former clients who are still wary of the virus.

Additionally, if you have the funds for it and don’t have the time to manage your social media, you can look into some digital marketers in the dental industry to help you out. These industry experts are capable of getting the information out to the most amount of people. This includes potential clients within your area that are looking for dental services. It could also give you a longer reach and get clients from other states.

Public Advertisements

Advertisements found across all mediums have taken a new form ever since the pandemic. These advertisements have turned into reassurances for consumers that certain services are safe and are following COVID-19 safety protocols. You should start leveraging this medium to get your clinic the exposure it needs.

Being a part of a public service announcement regarding the state of the pandemic in your community or state is one way to reassure some of your clients that your clinic is safe from the virus. These announcements are usually aired on television, on the radio, or sometimes on the phone, meaning that everyone in your community has a chance to hear them.



Podcasts are also one way you can reassure clients about your clinic’s situation. You can choose to join or create your own podcast related to dental news or dental practices. Through this, you can explain to listeners various COVID-19 protocols you have been following, how others in the industry are following the protocols, and how the industry is handling the pandemic. Podcasts are an excellent way to share learned information from others, and there will be many who will be thankful for it.

Private Messages

If you have former clients who are willing to visit your clinic but are wary of the virus, it would be in your best interest to contact them personally. Creating a personal connection with your clients is essential, especially during these dire times. This can make the reassurance more secure and personal. You can explain the protocols you have taken and how your clinic is free from the virus.

Moreover, by privately messaging these clients, they can share the same information through word-of-mouth. This can create a domino effect that can reach many people in a community looking for dental services. This can help relay information and help you gain more potential clients who are willing to visit your clinic.

It’s safe to say that the dental industry has taken a massive hit during the pandemic. However, some quarantine restrictions are being lifted, and many dental clinics are open. Slowly but sure, life is returning back to normal, and it’s time to let your clients know this through the various ways from this list.

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