The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Business in 2021

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A high-quality, well-functioning, easy-to-navigate website for your business is not just a supplement in 2021; it’s a necessity. Now more than ever, business owners need to ensure that their website is well-maintained and that it’s an up-to-the-minute one-stop-shop for everything their customers need and more. If you use WordPress for your small business, here are some plugins you need to explore this 2021.


WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce solution—and one that is trusted by countless brands and businesses all over the world. The platform believes in providing businesses and brands with freedom and full ownership of their online store’s data and content forever. WooCommerce also helps old and new entrepreneurs use beautiful themes and customize their own pages, highlight their digital and physical products, goods, and services. The platform also helps business owners with search engine optimization (SEO).

Another advantageous feature is WooCommerce and SAP business one integration, which helps business owners fully enjoy the benefits of their eCommerce websites as it seamlessly and conveniently syncs your ERP system with their integration solutions. With this seamless integration, business owners can synchronize between their back-end and front-end processes, making things easier in operations and customer experience. This solution will make life easier for you and your customers.


A plugin by Google Analytics, MonsterInsights was developed to help business owners and website admins know exactly how visitors and users find their way to your website. This plugin shows you all the critical stats you need to know right at the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Through this plugin, you can also optimize your business website to enhance your traffic and your number of subscribers, and eventually, your revenue.

Constant Contact

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools at a business owner’s disposal. Email marketing helps you as an entrepreneur stay in touch with your customer base and your website’s visitors long after they’ve left your website. Constant Contact is a WordPress plugin that helps business owners build an email list from the ground up, and they also send out beautifully written newsletters to your subscriber base. The best part is that their processes are relatively easy for even the most non-techy users to navigate, and it works well with WordPress.



If your business revolves around teaching and information, MemberPress might be the best plugin for your website. This plugin was developed to help business owners build communities, membership websites, and online courses. Much like Patreon, MemberPress can help your website restrict content across different users of various tiers, based on the plan they subscribe to. MemberPress is also optimized for all kinds of payment solutions, and it comes with various features like automation, access rules, course management, drip content, and many others.


If you’re the type of business owner who gets anxious about the thought of losing your important data, information, and content, UpdraftPlus might be the plugin for you. It helps you safely store all of your crucial data and files by setting up automatic backups on various remote locations like Dropbox, Rackspace, Google Drive, email, and more. This plugin will help you restore your website easily should anything happen, like a reliable fail-safe you can always fall back on in the event of a website breakdown or malfunction.

WP Rocket

Studies also found that customers are greatly influenced by how web pages are loaded. For a business website, in particular, a slow-loading page might cause you to lose customers and, eventually, revenue. This is why WordPress plugins like WP Rocket exist—to ensure that your website speed is always up to par and that caching settings like page cache, gzip compression, cache pre-loading are always turned on.

Other optimal features that improve your page load are also optimized to ensure speed and ease of access for users. And perhaps the most important feature of WP Rocket is that it doesn’t wait for users to request a page to be saved in the cache; it automatically works to create your website cache to constantly ensure your website is at peak performance.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to be the biggest techy in the world to ensure that your business website is the best that it can be, especially if you’re just in the beginning stages. Consult with digital marketing experts to turn your website into one that your customers will always love visiting—and WordPress plugins will help you with that.

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