Are You Excited For The All-digital CES 2021?

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Although 2021 may have started off rough, there’s still plenty of things to look forward to, and if you’re not updated on all things technology, then be prepared for next week because we’re finally getting CES 2021. From the latest gadgets, brand-new reveals, inspiring keynote speeches, and seeing the roadmaps for many companies in the tech space, next week will be full of surprises, so keep your eyes peeled!

Of course, we won’t deny that it’s going to feel very weird since it’s all-digital this time, and we’re not going to experience the same hustle and bustle of going from booth to booth and listening in to tech conversations left and right. But, what we can expect is that the most prominent names in the industry have poured their heart and soul into making engaging live streams, immersive virtual hubs to explore, and so much more.

What’s Taking Center Stage?

Evidently, it’s pretty difficult to pin down specific technology that will take center stage, and with so many cool gadgets, furniture, and novel technology, it’s going to be a challenging selection, to say the least. Everyone’s going to try the hardest to start with a bang and capture everyone’s attention, and whoever makes the biggest splash in CES often gets the hype for their products climbing.

  • A Look Into 5G: Much like last year, and even the years before it, the conversation around 5G remains strong and very active into CES 2021. And because many companies have started adopting and streamlining this new standard of wireless connection, it’s no surprise that we’re getting a closer look. In fact, some people are even claiming 5G to be the solution to our digital divide.
  • Future of Electric Cars: Yes, you read that right; while the beginnings of CES may have started with consumer electronics and appliances, electric cars are now coming into the mix, and we are gladly welcoming them. Ever since more and more prominent car manufacturing companies started announcing their all-electric lineups, the market share has been climbing, and CES is their chance to showcase and reveal their plans for 2021.
  • Focus on Health: While all previous years were focused on bringing innovation and modernizing older systems, because of the pandemic fallout and its negative impacts, there will be a much larger focus on health. So, expect that many new appliances will put an emphasis on their health-related features.

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Big Names To Expect?

Moving onto big-name companies that you won’t want to miss, remember that CES 2021 will be a week-long event from January 11 – 14, so have your schedules ready and your calendars marked. And, for those who live in different time zones or are busy during peak hours, they’ll be streaming replays and highlight sessions to make sure everyone doesn’t miss out on anything.

  • Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Samsung has already sent out their invites for Galaxy Unpacked 2021, and if last year’s ecstatic releases and reveals are anything to go by, we might be seeing another full-reveal for innovative android smartphones. For the Samsung fanatics, it’s the Galaxy S21 that everyone’s waiting for, so get ready for January 14 to watch it live.
  • AMD and Lisa Su’s Keynote: Just as Dr. Lisa Su and team AMD graced us with their keynote speech last year, we’ll be hearing from her again as she takes the stage to give us a rundown on AMD’s plans for the future. So, for all those hardcore gamers who support both the Ryzen and Radeon platform, team red might be dropping hints!
  • Verizon on 5G: If you’re concerned about the framework of 5G and it’s applications in future technology moving forward, Hans Vestber, CEO and Chairman of Verizon, will be holding a keynote speech on 5G come January 12th. From tele-education, telemedicine, and its use in the global community, this will be quite an informative keynote.

How Do We Stay Updated?

Since we only have a couple of days, if not hours, left on the clock before CES 2021 starts streaming live, you’ll want to head on over to CES 2021’s official website to get the latest news to have easy access to all the streams. You might also want to follow your favorites on Twitter so you can get real-time info on what’s happening and know where you need to go.

Embrace The Future of Technology

CES 2021 will mark the start of this year’s further progress and development in technology, and we won’t lie when we say that we’re just as excited as you. Also, feel free to share this info with your family and friends so that they don’t miss out on all the latest news on all things technology for the week ahead.

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