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Just over 24 Hours to go

Conwy is full of heavy duty machinery, projectors, security guards, lots of people in Hi-Viz jackets getting the town ready. Did I mention that 4 of the worlds largest Display Lasers have arrived and will be turned on at 7.00pm tomorrow night, make sure you get to town at 6.30 to see the other projections too! Or better still visit the Gwledd Conwy Feast, the day time event in Conwy on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and stay and enjoy the artworks on Saturday as well

blinc is a free event suitable for all ages.

Artist of the day is Josh Wedlake

I first became interested in animation while working towards my BA in Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Working heavily with 3D modelling I designed buildings which were intended to be experienced as cinematic sequences and exhibited strong use of narrative structure in their layout. Following my BA I worked as a volunteer artist on Bassam Kurdali’s ‘Tube’ project in the BitFilms incubator lab at Hampshire College, Northampton, Massachusetts. There I focussed primarily on model and set design as well as being involved in special effects programming.

Following my time in the US I undertook a postgraduate diploma in Character Animation at Central St Martins, studying character acting and trying to further my script-writing abilities. With that experience I was able to gain a place on the Royal College of Art’s Animation MA programme. I spent the first year of my two years at the RCA trying to develop my drawing and script-writing, in both cases working from life and observation as much as possible. Alongside my practice I also undertook theoretical research towards my dissertation on the topic of audience perception of narrative construction in film. In my final year my time was almost completely consumed with the production of my graduation film, “The North Sea Riviera”.

Away from the studio I am a former Great Britain U16-18 international rower and an avid but relatively untalented surfer who enjoys the icy waters of Cornwall on a rainy day. In August 2013 I will be moving to New Zealand in search of warmer waves.

Bedwyr Williams, Marc Rees and Alfredo Cramerotti and The Bridge of Light

The Bridge of Light is one of the blinc festival highlights this year and features work from 3 of Wales most celebrated Artists. Bedwyr Williams, the Artist who represented Wales at the Venice Biennalle, is returning to blinc for the 3rd time. Marc Rees, Llawn01 and Adain Avion and Alfredo Cramerotti also feature in Joel Cockrill’s Bridge of Light, alongside +ffloc and other artists.

The Laser work is starting at 7.00pm on both Friday and Saturday night and can be seen from both sides of the estuary.