If you are an artist, Instagram is the best platform to showcase your work and get the more loyal fan. Instagram is a great tool for visual marketing but it matters a lot how you use it. In this post, we will talk about some strategies that will help you to grow more Instagram followers organically. Here’s how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to gain more followers on Instagram:

  • Create attractive content
  • Stay relevant- post 2 to 3 times every day
  • Make sure your account is attractive and branded

Create attractive content:

As an artist, you know how to make thing attractive. Artists know how to use lightning, contrast, negative space and balance. If you are on Instagram, you need to create viewing experience for your followers with the pictures of your art.

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Share the details of your art through good photography. Don’t forget to works with angles and keep your photos bright. If you are art supplies’ brands then you can use your artwork as a backdrop. Use a good camera to take your photos. If you have not DSLR camera, you can use iPhone camera to take captivating photos.


You can’t grow your following count unless you post the content consistently. Stay relevant and post more often at least two to three times a day even on Sundays. Instagram has changed its algorithm and if you don’t post consistently, it may drop new followers. Don’t take breaks and post every day of the week. The consistent posting also caters a number of likes and comments because people always welcome new content and latest updates.

If your post could not manage to get engagement, it’s likely to disappear within a few hours. So you need to create engaging content that captures the eye of the viewer. Don’t make your post a distant memory. Stay alive in the minds of people by consistent posting. Try to post more on your days off because most of the people don’t post their content on that day, and your post gets more views and likes. When your post gets more engagement, it will secure the top place in the search results and explore tab.


If your profile looks ordinary, people will not follow you even you are a skilled artist. Make your profile eye-catching and inviting to gain more followers. Your posts should be cohesive with your profile at least first 20 posts. Share posts that should have different picture composition (use negative spaces) to keep your account from looking messy.

When you are going to create a new post then look at your previous 10 posts and take note of the composition and color of these photos and make sure to create new posts with same color and composition. Your new posts should match with your photo collection. Use bright colors for your posts because people are more likely to engage with the posts with vibrant hues.