There are rumors going around regarding LinkedIn, this social media platform which is known for job seeking and business related aspects. LinkedIn is also one of top social media platforms. The rumors are that this social media platform has been testing the top trending features which is the stories and the reactions feature. As these features are widely being adapted by almost all the top social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. There are different reports showing that LinkedIn has been performing different tests on adapting these features, it is not confirmed. It can be true in terms of testing but still that will not mean that feature will be launched by the company.

Reports showed that LinkedIn is working on their own reactions which will be related to more in a professional way like according to the report reactions will be; like, support, insightful, clap and hmm. This shows that LinkedIn can be of thinking of releasing their own set of features like Facebook. LinkedIn redesigned its whole platform making it look more like Facebook which is good as it makes itself more compatible with the mobile platform.

According to the reports LinkedIn is making its platform better for the students and the communities to have a good experience while engaging with each other on different topics and trends. This experience can be improved by bringing in the stories feature which will be a good option to test out in this social media platform for users. It is still not confirmed yet that LinkedIn is just testing out the feature or they are really looking for it to be launched. Still these type of features will make the platform a more engaging platform especially for the young generation as this type of audience has already experienced these type of features almost in all social media platforms.

Adapting these features will be a good move from the LinkedIn platform. Just like Pinterest did with its platform making it look like Instagram which make their platform a more compatible with the mobile phones and also improved the engaging process between the users. So it is better to adapt the top trending technologies if they are going well suited with the platforms. LinkedIn did confirm that they are carrying out tests on the stories feature, these stories features will surely attract more opportunities regarding new features. It is a matter of time that LinkedIn will add these features, they did a good job in redesigning their platform, making it more compatible with the mobile phone. Making it way better than the previous version. LinkedIn has the framework to adapt the Facebook like features which will help the platform to improve their overall experience, in terms of sharing the news, articles to the employees, employers, companies etc making it more engaging among the users. The platform can make it more clear regarding these news in the upcoming year which will most likely interact with the audience on terms of these rumors and testing phase news.