Everyone has different kinds of hair such as long or short hair. But some people have fizzy hair as they have not enough time to take care of hair. There are some hair problems that we all faced once in a lifetime. Also, we should aware of these hair problems that we have to face now a day. A hair problem that is not bothered too much is multiple Hairs in One Follicle. If you have noticed multiple hairs popping out of your chin then you will see these are not the same from normal hair. In this condition, you have more than two hairs developing out of one pore. In this post, we will discuss its causes and treatment that will help you to get rid of this problem.


However, more than two hairs in one follicle are a rare condition. There are a lot of assumptions regarding the real cause of this condition as it is a very infrequent disorder. It may be due to the genetics according to medical studies. According to dermatologists, multiple hairs in one follicle due to base sub diving of your hair’s papilla. The hair strand’s tips divided into multiple stems of hair. There are no shanks at the end of papilla but when your hair grows, the hair tips break into multiple hair strands. The popping out of the hair strands has separated cuticles but when your hairs grow out as multiple hairs from the hair duct. In normal condition, hair grows from each follicle.

It is supposed that shaving is the major cause of Pili Miltigemini but most of the cosmetologists and dermatologists rejected this reason behind the multiple follicles. According to dermatologists, the reactivation of follicles’ germ cells may also be the cause of this disorder. The reactivation of these germ cells creates the multiple strands of hair which become the main cause of two hairs one follicle.

How to treat Two Hairs One Follicle?

However, there are a lot of ways to treat the two hairs in one follicle but hair plucking is considered as the best treatment for this rare condition. When you pluck out these Multigemini hair follicles then it will destroy the follicle’s base which lessens the hair strand’s growth. But this may not be a good idea because plucking hairs is really painful. It is also seen that multiple hairs will return back to its place when you pluck out the normal hair.

Alternatively, you can deal with this issue with laser treatment. Your Pili Miltigemini hair will be removed permanently in just five to ten sessions of Laser treatments. The growth of follicles will be reduced after every session. However, the laser treatment is a bit painful. So, some people choose Cryosurgery for the treatment of the multiple hair follicles.


You should use gentle products to reduce the multiple hairs in one follicle. Don’t use medications such as isotretinoin and acitretin and choose a healthy lifestyle and educate your family and yourself and on this disorder.