Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States. It has more than 2.7 million residents. Millions of people visit this city for the purpose of spending vacations and business purpose. Several attractive places are found here to visit. People can do many different and interesting things to enjoy a visit to Chicago. We need to write about famous places, restaurants, parks, transportation means and other things for a travel guide to Chicago. All of these things are important for a good travel guide to people who want to visit Chicago.

Trip to Chicago

Before going on a trip to Chicago, there is a need of guide about things which are important for travelers. We describe some famous places, restaurants and transportation sources here for this purpose. These are as follows:

Millennium Park

It is the most attractive place in Chicago. The first visit to Chicago is not complete without visiting this place. Millennium Park is equipped with many attractive things such as a crown fountain, cloud gate. Many festivals and concerts are held in this park. A huge place in this park is used to show art, landscaping, and architecture. This park shows the culture of Chicago to visitors. Travelers visit this park to show the culture of this city in the United States.

The Langham: the best hotel in Chicago

It is situated on the bank of the Chicago city. It is located near to The Magnificent Mile which is shopping center in this area. Travelers visit this place because it is one of the famous places in this city. It provides very attentive service to travelers. It is inaugurated during 2013. It is known because of its beautiful view of the river in front. Location of this hotel is very attractive for visitors. It consists of 316 bedrooms and suites. All facilities are available for visitors in this hotel during their stay. It contains soaking tubs and rain showers. Wi-Fi and LCD TV facilities are available for travelers who stay here during their visit to Chicago. Relaxing bathrooms and beds are available for guests of The Langham. Most of the visitor’s order to book a room which gives a view of riverfront when watching from mirror inside. Stay in this hotel is recommended for a travel guide to lovers of Chicago.

O’ Hare International airport: Transportation facilities in Chicago

When we guide for traveling to Chicago, it is essential to suggest for transportation means in this city of United States. This city consists of the two major airports. It is considered as a hub of the transportation. Regional transportation authority manages transportation in this city. Two airports are located in this city which is used as a means of transportation for people. O’Hare International airport is one of those airports which provide best services to travelers. Many facilities are provided by this airport along with the traveling services such as a park for playing children and museums to show art and fun. Also, restaurants are also found in this airport. Travelers should go through this airport to and from Chicago.

So, we can proper travel guide to people who want to visit this city. We can recommend them to use these locations for their transportation, stay and enjoy.