When you just begin your Instagram account, posting updates can be a bit depressing. This is because when you re first starting you don’t have a lot of followers to receive your updates. All of your hard work of posting updates is only met with a few likes from your tiny amount of followers. It can be difficult to not get discouraged with your results. But if you are here reading this article, you understand the benefits of using social media as a marketing force for your brand.

In this article, you will learn a few helpful ideas for increasing and growing your audience of followers and enabling them to interact with your posts. When you start to implement the tips listed below you, want to remember that while these are helpful, you still will want to regularly post and engage your audience to keep them updated with what you have going on.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to get more Instagram followers. Some hashtags that are popular include #Instagood or even #follows back.

Find Those in Your Target Audience

Go through people on Instagram to find those in your target audience. Once you’ve found them, start liking random pictures. It’s a good rule of thumb to like hundreds daily to try to get some followers back for all your efforts. You can also buy real Instagram followers to reach out to more people in your niche.

Complete Your Profile and Bio

You don’t want to have an uncompleted bio, make sure it’s fully completed. Include keywords and hashtags in your bio and links back to your website. You don’t want to make it look too spam-filled, this is a way you definitely won’t attract those you want. This is one way you can find Instagram followers for your business.

Post on Weekends

Sundays are one day that not as many updates are posted to Instagram. So posting on this day will get you more visibility with your updates and photos.

Cross Promotion

If you have other social media accounts, you will want to promote your Instagram account on there. This is a great way to get friends and fans from your other accounts to follow you on Instagram.


There are many different ways you can get Instagram followers that you are looking for. By utilizing the above tips, you can ensure that you will gain the audience you are trying to obtain in your target group in no time at all. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication to gain the followers you need. Keeping your Instagram account upstate frequently is a great way to engage your audience to ensure that they are always seeing an updated post and photo from you. This will allow people to know you are something to follow and watch.